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Can’t Go To The Gym in Indirapuram In This Pandemic? Here Are Some Exercises You Can Try At Home Sans Any Equipment

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Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic has hit our world, it just disrupted our normal routine and made everything miserable. Be it the places for entertainment or fitness center in Indirapuram, everything suffered an enormous setback thanks to this pandemic. Although things were returning to normal and that we were hoping for the simplest, the sudden rise in covid cases again started causing panic within the population of the country. With the increase in coronavirus cases gyms, theatres, restaurants, and other such places are again closing down soon.

The closing of the Gym in Indirapuram made it really difficult for fitness enthusiasts to Best fitness trainer Indirapuram hard and that we know that. But hey! you would like not to worry as you’ll still build those muscles and lose those extra inches by keeping a check on your diet and following a home workout plan. Fat percentage Gym comes up with some easy and super effective exercises that you simply can easily do at the home without using any equipment. with none further ado, allow us to start and learn the various exercises which will assist you to meet your fitness goals without stepping out of your home:


Yoga is the best also as an effective workout for home that doesn’t require any quiet equipment. In fact, if you continue practicing this type of exercise for long, it can assist you in some ways right from weight management, stress reduction to improving your reproductive health. There are tons of yoga type and a few of the simplest form includes:

Surya Namaskar

Butter Yoga

Dhanur asana

Anulom vilom


You can easily learn these sorts of yoga from Fat % Gym online yoga classes.


Squats are the best home exercises that don’t require any gym equipment and have tons of advantages. It can help to strengthen our core, burn calories, strengthen the muscles of your lower body, good for your abdominal muscles, and more. To know more about this exercise you can also join virtual fitness classes at the Best gym in Ghaziabad

3.Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks are the simplest home exercises to reduce also as improve cardiovascular health and control cholesterol levels. It can help to enhance blood circulation and also reduce your vital sign levels.


Pushups are one of the foremost common bodyweight exercises to create upper body strength. they assist in engaging the triceps, shoulders, and pectoral muscles and may also increase the strength of the core and lower back. Hence they’re considered the simplest home workout for men and ladies as a way of building strength fast and effectively.

5.Dumbbell exercises

You can easily bring the gym reception and do dumbbell exercises without even using an actual dumbbell. Confused, right? Well, just use two water bottles of 1 liter or 2 liters each and use them to try to do dumbbell exercises, which otherwise you’d have through with actual dumbbells within the gym. These exercises assist you to activate your muscles and also stimulate muscle growth.


Want to lose that stubborn belly fat? you’ll do this easily within the comfort of your home with crunches. they’re the simplest sort of abs exercises reception. they’re almost like sit ups, except that crunches only work on your abdominal muscles.


Burpees are the simplest full-body workout reception that will not only help to burn your body fat, but also improve your overall health. It can support your cardiovascular health by improving blood circulation and regulating blood pressure. It also helps in reducing blood glucose levels also as improves the functioning of the lungs and brain.To know more about this exercise you can also join virtual fitness classes at the fitness center in Indirapuram


If you’re trying to find an honest home workout for ladies and men, then look no further than planks. They improve your posture and adaptability, and also help in increasing your core strength also as reduce excess belly fat.


The best and most entertaining way of weight management is to bop your heart out daily. Dance helps to burn tons of calories and also as have much fun while doing it. it’s a holistic approach to take care of your cardiovascular health and overall mental also as fitness.

Conclusion: Home workout equipment gives you the liberty to coach at your convenience. you’ll attempt to use bottles, towels, or maybe try using pillows to try different home exercises. you’ll simply look for different techniques to join our online training courses. There are even some exercises that you simply can treat simply sitting on a chair and dealing on your laptop. If you’re determined to satisfy your fitness agenda, then it doesn’t matter whether the gym is open or closes. Stay healthy, stay safe, do exercise and most significantly occupy home.

"Fat percentage gym in Ghaziabad, Delhi is one of the leading businesses in the Zumba Classes. Also known for Gyms, Zumba Classes, Fitness Centres, Women Gyms, Aerobic Classes, Unisex Gyms, Men Gyms, Crossfit Gyms and much more. Contact us97738 14222 Vaibhav Khand Indirapuram Kala Pathar Road Near Petrol Pump, above Sargam ElectronicsIndirapuramGhaziabad, Uttar Pradesh 201014"Are you a beginner who is simply too impressed with the advanced lifting techniques that the elite bodybuilders use? Then this text is ideal to assist you understand the advanced weight lifting techniques for beginners.

Advanced Techniques of Lifting For Beginners

Are you a beginner who is simply too impressed with the advanced lifting techniques that the elite bodybuilders use? Then this text is ideal to assist you understand the advanced weight lifting techniques for beginners. Are you a beginner lifting weights who often gets to listen to things like ‘you are a beginner, you want to keep on with your repetitions’ or ‘be extra careful trying this because it is supposed for advanced lifters only’ while training at the Fat % gym? Well, while there may well be some reality in what the advanced lifters around you’re saying, there’s an issue with their friendly advice. simply because you’re a beginner, you ought to not be restricting yourself to the terrible movement patterning or trying too hard to induce your reps in motion. This sort of dysfunctional suggestion is commonly given by those advanced lifters who remain injured all the time or have focused an excessive amount of on getting their reps right for several years. Nobody is saying that caution isn’t required by beginners while lifting, but to achieve the advanced level, you are doing not need to watch for years. First you should choose the best personal trainer in Ghaziabad As Well As Here are some basic techniques of advanced lifting which anybody bodybuilder can try barring the amount of their experience.

Technique 1: Paused Reps

Any competitive powerlifter who is functioning hard to combat his weak points should make paused reps a staple in his workout regimen. Take it slow to kill the momentum, find the bottom range of motion, exaggerate the contraction to create the strength in the least levels. As a beginner, the force you’ll apply to balance the additional load you’re carrying can help in controlling the reps. The pause that you simply will take while lifting will raise the protection levels by a notch, which is able to also make you’re lifting a real feat of absolute strength. 

Though many exercises can get pleasure from the pauses, the squat variations, pullups, and pulldowns are the most effective ones for beginners. you’ll also consider doing deadlifts for paused reps. although the deadlifts contain paused reps by default, you’ll be able to make them more strengthening with every rep to boost on any of your weak points. attempt to pause at a knee level or at mid-shin for a full second. Adding additional time during that moment of tension will only bolster the muscle growth and can build motor memory to own proprietary for such positions.

You will start discovering the difference in time. confirm you’re using pauses during your training and operation momentums, while the number of weights you would possibly be lifting during the identical number of reps might decrease. you’ll be able to start by lifting the 80 percent of the traditional weights you’re lifting for the identical rep range but with pauses. This will only be done when you choose the Best gym in Indirapuram

Technique 2: Forced Eccentrics Or Eccentric Reps

Exaggeration of the eccentric component, which is additionally referred because the lowering phase provides lifters two-fold benefits. First of all, it exposes muscles to longer when under tension, which successively ensures greater work and volume for every rep and set. Secondly, the eccentrics tap the strangles muscle fibers in your muscle group in order that you’re employed harder. 

The strongest and therefore the fastest muscle fibers in your body are chargeable for giving the most strength and power output that your body can ever deliver. Lifting heavy-weights puts these fiber muscles into play so they will be exploited further for the concentric phase of every lift. The concentric phase is that the side of the reps that almost all bodybuilders focus upon. Thus they have high amount of power and strength 

Once you’ll control the heavyweights on the descent, you may reap more strength and hypertrophy benefits than mindlessly doing the haphazard reps which will develop negativity. If you would like to place things into action, then you’ll be able to even completely avoid the concentric component and jump on to the eccentric reps to create more pull-up strength.

Technique 3: Pre-Exhaust Methods

Sometimes, the stronger muscles get activated unintentionally rather than the muscle groups that you just are attempting to figure on. Thus, if you may do a targeted attack on your strong muscles beforehand, they’re going to not block the expansion of the muscles you’re trying to access. This can be called the pre-exhaust method, which allows you to approach the antagonist muscle group first. you’ll stretch your triceps before you begin acting on the biceps in order that they’re going to have limited activation. Some of the most effective samples of the pre-exhaust method for beginner lifters can be: doing hamstring curls before the squats, bridges, kettlebell swings or hip thrusts at Fat percentage gym so they’ll not inhibit your ability to figure on the glutes.

Final Take: Just Lift

If you would like to form variety in your lifting schedule, then you’ll easily include any of those in your workout regimen. These techniques can facilitate your brace oneself for the phases where your aim is to create up to heavy double or triple lifting. While there are some ways to alter your lifting program and improvise thereon whenever required, the underside line remains that you simply must lift frequently and consistently to take care of the rhythm and strength of your body. 

All the popular bodybuilders, strongmen, Olympic lifters, powerlifters and other sports persons have one thing in common, which is that they follow consistent and easy methods only. Their excellence is predicated on the methods they follow, which also gives them a robust foundation of consistency and strength. 

So, start straight away and start blazing your way forward towards fitness. Take a step to choose the best fitness center in Indirapuram.

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Full Body Chair Workout for Every Fitness Level

Searching for another inventive method to work out at home? All you need is a seat and 25-minutes to work your whole body. Fat Percentage Gym wellness master-planned this at-home seat exercise to be agreeable and versatile for each wellness level. 

Everything necessary is a seat at ordinary stature (estimated by guaranteeing your thighs are corresponding to the floor when sitting) and a non-slip surface (a yoga tangle or carpet under your seat functions admirably). 

Seat exercise circuit #1: Warmup 

This warmup is intended to awaken your whole body. Erin explicitly targets muscle bunches that will be worked later and joins hiker moves to expand your pulse before you arrive at the strongest part of the seated exercise. 

Rehash this circuit multiple times: 

• Squat Good Morning 

Remain before the seat with your arms before you. Keep your back erect and look forward. Hunch down until your base simply contacts the seat, and afterward gradually stand straight. 

The objective: Perform five reps. 

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• IYT 

Sit on the edge of the seat with your feet about shoulder-width separated. Lean forward at a 45-degree point, keeping your head and neck in an orderly fashion with your back. Gradually lift your arms at the same time until they are in an orderly fashion with your back. 

The objective: Perform five reps. 

• Lunge With Chair Balance 

With your correct hand on the rear of the seat, position your correct foot a little ahead before you and your left foot a little advance behind you. With your left hand on your hip, drop your pelvis while keeping your back erect until your left knee marginally contacts the ground. 

The objective: Perform five reps on the left and afterward five on the right. 

• Mountain Climbers  

Hold the sides of the seat toward the front on each side, situating your body at a point to the seat. Gradually lift your left knee toward your chest and back, and afterward, do something very similar with your correct knee. Left and right together consider one rep. 

The objective: Perform 10 reps. 

Seat exercise circuit #2: Strength 

“I began with the split squat since it’s the most difficult,” Erin says. “What’s more, as you get exhausted, you would prefer not to forfeit structure. Putting the most difficult move toward the start of the circuit gives you the most ideal opportunity for recuperation, however, you can generally do the squat with your back foot on the floor for diminished force.” 

This part of the seated exercise switches back and forth between your upper and lower body, including a seat plunge workout, to take into consideration local recuperation in your body. 

Rehash this circuit multiple times. 

• Bulgarian Split Squat 

With your hands on your hips, stand a short advance before the seat. Spot your abandoned foot on the seat. Keeping your back erect, plunge somewhere around dropping your pelvis until your correct knee is close to a 90-degree point. Gradually lift your pelvis up. 

The objective: Perform 12 reps. 

• Push-up 

Holding the sides of the seat toward the front, position your body at a point to the seat. Fold your elbows back. Keeping your body in an orderly fashion, drop your chest toward the seat and afterward gradually lift back up. 

The objective: Perform 8-12 reps. 

• Squat Heel Lift 

Position yourself behind the rear of the seat. Position your feet in a wide position with your toes pointed somewhat outward. Clutching the rear of the seat, drop your pelvis and squat toward the ground, and afterward gradually lift back up. 

The objective: Perform 8-12 reps. 

• Chair Dip 

Before the seat, look ahead however place your weight on your hands behind you by situating them in the seat of the seat. With your feet in front and your legs straight, gradually plunge your body down until your elbows are near a 90-degree point. Gradually return, lifting your body back up. 

The objective: Perform 8-12 reps. 

• Leg Drops 

Lay on your back before the seat with your head between the seat legs. Holding the legs on one or the other side of you, draw in your center muscles and keep your feet somewhat off the ground. At that point, gradually lift your feet up while keeping your legs straight until your feet are over your pelvis and your back begins to fall off the ground. Gradually return your feet to simply over the ground. 

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The objective: Perform 8-12 reps. 

Note: Stairs are a decent option for certain activities —, for example, push-ups, hikers, and a few squats — on the grounds that they give greater security to help your body weight. 

Seat exercise circuit #3: Interval 

For this stage, the seated exercise moves from incorporation to separation. Situated on the seat, you will work the stabilizer muscles and utilize a Tabata-style way to deal with increment cardio power. “Individuals truly prefer to feel the consume toward the finish of the exercise and end on a high note,” Erin says. “With these disengaged developments, your muscles make certain to weariness.” 

Rehash this circuit multiple times. 

• Adductor/Abductor 

Sitting in the seat, lift your feet until your legs are straight, captivating your legs and center muscles. Keep your back straight. Gradually spread your legs out and afterward gradually close them. 

The objective: Engage muscles for 20 seconds, and afterward separate for 10 seconds. 

• Leg Circles 

Sitting in the seat, keep your back erect and clutch the side of the seat. With your correct knee at a 90-degree point, lift your left leg until it is straight. Draw little circles with your foot. First, do your left side, and afterward your right. 

The objective: Engage muscles for 20 seconds, and afterward separate for 10 seconds. 

• Lateral Bend 

Sitting in the seat, keep your arms and hands directly at a slight point from your body. Gradually connect with your center muscles and shelter the right. Get back to the straight position and afterward shelter the left. 

The objective: Engage muscles for 20 seconds, and afterward separate for 10 seconds. 

Circuit #4: Stretch 

Stretches are ostensibly the most ignored piece of an exercise. Erin made this stretch grouping to deliver strain in the focus on muscles. “These stretches are useful to battle the stationary way of life that most Americans are encountering,” Erin says. You’ll deliver your hips, chest, and chest, slackening up your body and empowering recuperation. 

You can rehash this circuit however many occasions as your timetable permits during the seated exercise. 

• Chest Stretch 

While situated, hold the sides of the seat and twist your shoulders back, gazing marginally upward. 

The objective: Hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds. 

• Seated Twist, Left Then Right 

In a situated position, set up your knees. Put your correct hand outwardly of your left knee and contort your middle to one side, and afterward turn your head. Hold briefly and afterward go to the opposite side while exchanging hands and the bearing of your head. 

The objective: Hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds. 

• Seated Hip/Glute Stretch, Left Then Right 

In a situated position, place your left foot on your correct knee. With your hands on your crossed leg, gradually slender forward until you feel your muscles stretch. At that point switch leg positions. 

The objective: Hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds. 

• Quad/Hip Flexor, Left Then Right 

Sit on the edge of the seat with your correct foot forward. Spot your abandoned foot and hold it with your left hand. Utilize your correct hand for equilibrium and strength. At that point switch positions. 

The objective: Hold the stretch for 15-20 seconds 

• Neck Stretch, Left Then Right 

From a situated situation with your back straight, lean your head toward the right. Utilize your correct hand to gradually extend your neck to one side while holding your left arm at a point from your body. At that point switch positions. 

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